Dust Catcher

Branding & Editorial Design


Dust Catcher is a magazine about contemporary character design, illustration, and collectibles. It takes a look at the creators’ favorite makers, ranging from illustrators and painters to sculptors, toy designers and manufacturers. Aimed at collectors and lovers of characters, the magazine features interviews with creatives who produce physical work in some form or another.

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Design & Strategy

In reference to collecting and an outsider’s view of collecting something they don’t understand, we chose a sarcastic name to position the magazine, simultaneously pointing out its own ability become a collectible and a Dust Catcher of its own.

Its design is straight-forward and does not distract from the variety of featured artists and their often colorful visual language. A transparent sheet of paper – fittingly named a dust jacket – is wrapped around the cover, visually accentuating the concept of dust, while simultaneously creating a product that stands out from its competition.

Further Production

For Dust Catcher’s web presence, we designed a mini-site where interested parties can read up on the content of the magazine and purchase a copy.

Dust Catcher is a side-project of Bureau Clarté. We have further plans for it in the future and can’t wait to tell you about it once everything’s ready.