De Superjhemp Retörns

Editorial Design

The Making Of

Bureau Clarté had the honor of designing a book for “De Superjhemp Retörns”, a Luxembourgish cinema production which ended up becoming the country’s most viewed feature film of all time. In collaboration with De Verlaach, we produced a book about its Making Of, containing interviews with the director, producer, and main actors, as well as a re-telling of the movie filled with behind-the-scenes information.

The movie is based on the Superjhemp comic book series and its titular character, being a satirical take on the country of Luxembourg and its politics, people, and events.

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Design & Strategy

Our design for the book was inspired by the comic book’s rich history and re-interpreted into a more graphical visual language that lends itself better to a text-based book. Each of its three chapters was assigned one of Superjhemp’s primary colors, while expressive lines around the images reference its comic book origins.

Both the beginning and the end of the book feature a white and cyan spread with an illustration of the Superjhemp character and his secret identity Charel Kuddel, a design choice which has accompanied the series for all of its 30 issues.


The book’s choice of main typeface fell on Sharp Grotesk, a font with an incredible variety of weights that allowed us to be flexible and variable in our design. A mixture of Swiss precision and quirky American wood type, it was the perfect fit for our fusion of graphic design and comic book.