Publication design and branding for the Master in Fine Arts 2017 exhibition in Bergen, Norway.


The exhibition’s title, triage, is a borrowed medical term referring to the classification of degrees of urgency when dealing with numerous patients. Beyond its literal meaning, triage connotes a methodology for making priorities, an open-ended title which sheds light on the spectator as much as the artist. Because after all, we have all made choices leading up to this.

Instead of the usual exhibition catalogue, the graduates wanted their work to be presented in a different manner, wishing for the catalogue to become an art object in itself. Instead of a traditional book, each artist designed an A3 poster relating to their process and the triage their work underwent.

These posters were then bound with screws and complimented by different sheets of colored paper, thus finishing the catalogue and laying the foundation for the project’s branding.

Design & Strategy

With a flexible framework based on sheets of paper that you can take apart, as well as the constant references to process and production, the exhibition’s identity followed the same ideas. Sheets of paper are lying on top of each other; crop marks and empty frames are still visible throughout all of the different media.

The exhibition’s wordmark was set in Grilli Type’s Sectra, a typeface which combines “the calligraphy of the broad nib pen with the sharpness of the scalpel knive”. Cutting away parts of its letters, it became the perfect companion for a branding following the topic of process and choices.

The secondary typeface became GT Pressura, inspired by metal type and letters stamped onto shipping boxes, utilising the “visual gesture of ink spreading under pressure as a stylistic device”. Again, it seemed to perfectly reflect and compliment the ideas we were going for.